Visit our Healing Sanctuary

Reset and restore with Yoga, Sound Healing, Massage, Tai Chi, Meditation and more!

Lay down & relax to the soothing sounds of several Gongs, Bronze & Crystal Singing Bowls, Native Flutes, Bells & Chimes and a variety of other instruments as they surround you in a fully immersive sound experience. The sound vibrations help to calm the nervous system & allow the body & mind to rest. The sounds help to relieve stress, anxiety & headaches: balance & restore energy & improve clarity & attention span.

In her fun, gentle yoga classes, Devorah teaches healthy ways to stretch, strengthen and balance in the poses. She specializes in making yoga accessible to all levels of students, teaching modifications as needed. Her soothing voice helps students to finish the class feeling deeply relaxed. Devorah has been practicing yoga for most of her life. She is mainly influenced by the Iyengar tradition.

Experience a quantum shift in yourself and in our collective reality by learning to amplify your healing energy and extend it to those around you. Enter the angelic realm by deepening your connection to divine energy and use it to empower your community and all beings of mother earth. All levels are welcome here. In this class we will activate our hearts and connect our mind, body and soul. Liya is gifted with a special energy for creating sacred space in which humans can elevate and reconnect with their hearts and destiny.

Let’s liberate our bodies and let go of the past through ancient Kundalini yogic breath and movement practices. In this class, we will go deep and have fun while we’re doing it! We will focus on unlocking the spinal column and strengthening the nervous system so that your innate Kundalini energy can come alive and transmute stuck energy. Prepare to move and meditate. Open to all levels and bodies.

Tai Chi – Hal Mosher
Tai Chi is a martial art that evolved out of China around three hundred years ago. Its movements teach the practitioner how to move like the yin and yang symbol; with water like fluidity and balance. Learning Tai Chi is like learning a new language or learning to play an instrument, hard at first, but is very rewarding. Tai chi heals the body through movement and breath. Hal Mosher has been practicing Tai Chi for over forty years and has been teaching for over 20. He has studied Tai Chi under masters from Taiwan, China, Japan and Thailand. His teaching style relates Tai Chi to modern times and to western sensibilities.

Hatha Yoga with Katie Troy
Katie Troy is a dedicated yoga instructor with over 15 years experience in the health, wellness, and fitness industry. She began her journey by studying Exercise Physiology at Chico State, which led her into personal training and teaching very intense fitness classes. In 2012, Katie traveled to India and accidentally found herself in Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. Here, she fell fully into the practice and to her surprise found that yoga was able to heal her from addictions and past traumas. From this experience she went on to finish her Hatha Yoga teacher training as well as Trauma-Informed Yoga teacher training. She has taught classes in the Philippines, Nepal, India, Dominica and the United States. She strives to create a welcoming, open and safe environment in her classes, and encourages students to truly have their own experience while listening and respecting their bodies.

Natural Farming Plant Walk with Tamara Thorn & Joey Burger
Take a walk around the Black Oak Ranch and explore the native, edible, and medicinal plants. This is a fun and interactive walk for adults and children that will guide the group on a leisurely walk around the grounds to identify plants, herbs and trees. They will talk about how the various edible and medicinal plants can be utilized for our health and the fertility and well being of our home gardens.

Song Circle with The Wing Brothers
Join Aidan and Kerry Wing on a musical journey raising our voices together and singing songs of healing, love, unity and inspiration. The Wing brothers will share original songs as well as “traditional songs” and covers.